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BHR Teacher Resheeda Bowman and Her Children Make Cards with Inspirational Messages for Local Nurses Caring for COVID-19 Patients (Please Click on "View Full Article")

In photo, Resheeda Bowman.

By Judy Bass

Resheeda Bowman knew she wanted to help others who are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but she wasn’t sure exactly how. Then she hit on an idea for reaching out in a meaningful way that was absolutely perfect, and her two young kids, Justin and Jayce, could work on it, too.

“I went out and purchased greeting cards, and we are writing words from our hearts, and drawing pictures to put in the cards to uplift nurses and let them know we care,” said Bowman, who teaches computer technology at Blue Hills Regional Technical School in Canton.

To the store-bought cards, Bowman and her kids add colorful stickers and heartfelt messages like “You are the superheroes, we see your hard work and our prayers of protection and love go out to you and everyone you touch” and “I am here for you.”

“Ms. Bowman’s giving spirit models social grace, compassion and kindness while bringing hope to the lives she and her beautiful family touch,” said Blue Hills Regional Superintendent Jill Rossetti.

“The sister of a woman in my town works with dialysis nurses who are treating COVID-19 patients,” Bowman said. “The local woman who is collecting inspirational cards to deliver to her sister has also been purchasing ready-to-cook meals for the nurses in her sister's department so that on some nights nurses can go home to prepared meals.”

One of the hospitals that the Bowmans’ cards will be delivered to is Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton.

“The cards go to nurses who are working with COVID-19 patients to encourage them and tell them all how amazing they are,” Bowman explained.

“I feel like every little bit counts, and [when we make these cards], my heart feels like it grew three sizes like the Grinch’s,” she declared.  “We will help out with purchasing prepared meals for the nurses as we